Monday, December 14, 2009

GREAT Publix deals-only 1 day left of the sale on some

Tonight I looked at the Publix ad and noticed some REALLY good deals, so I thought I'd go and use my $10 off $40 Bloom coupon there instead of Bloom.... Here are some of the deals I got...

Juicy Juice is B1G1 at 1.83 each-there is a printable coupon for $1/2 making it 1.32 each

Bertoli Pasta Sauce is B1G1 at 1.45 each- There is a 0.75 coupon in the Dec or November (can't remember which) ALL YOU magazine for 0.75/1 making it .70 for one

Publix White Bread is 0.79 per loaf

Publix Milk is on sale for 3.29 (not an exceptional price, but if you need milk-it's still a sale price)

Sargento 8oz shredded cheese is 1.67 each-there is a 0.55 coupon in the NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER All You magazine making it 1.12 each

New England Coffee is B1G1 at 2.90 each-there is a printable coupon for $1/1 making it 1.90 per bag

Lunchables are 1.00-there is a printable coupon (I can't remember for how much but it was a great deal)

Cocoa Puffs Cereal is B1G1 at 1.75 per box-there is a .75/1 printable coupon making it 1.00 per box

Honey Nut Cheerios is 1.99 per box and there is a 1.00/2 coupon from the newspaper making it 1.49 each

Infusium Shampoo and Conditioner is NOT on sale-it is 5.99 per bottle, however in the GREEN advantage buy flyer, there is a PUBLIX store coupon where if you buy the shampoo, you get the conditioner free. Stack that with the 2.00 off coupons that have been in the newspaper (use 2 of them) and it makes it .99 per bottle!!!

And the BEST deal of All!!!!!! Check out Southern Savers for the complete list of GREAT Publix deals but this one was an unbelievable deal!!! Phazyme Gas Capsules are 3.49 per box. There was a coupon in the newspaper for $7/2 "advantage" (I think) brand items which Phazyme is made by that company.. ALSO, in the blue "Winter Savings" flyer from Publix there is a 2.00 coupon off Phazyme, Tagamet, or Gaviscon... Buy 2 of the Phazymes, Use the $7 coupon, and use 2 of the Publix $2 coupon and Publix pays YOU..... $4.02 for buying it!!!!!!!! Love it when the store pays me.. That means I got $4.02 off all of my stuff that I did NOT have coupons for... Buy it whether you need it or not and it will pay you to do so!

All together tonight, I paid 26.53 for 29 items and I SAVED..... $74.94!!! That was a GREAT Publix shopping trip!!! Awesome!!! I'm a happy couponer tonight!

Remember to use your $10 off a $40 Bloom coupon at Publix if you have not already used it at Bloom. They WILL accept it at the Simpsonville store and my total was actually only $36 and some change before she scanned it, and it still came off my total. That was a very pleasant surprise!


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