Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bloom Printable coupons-Merry Christmas!

Normally, I don't shop at Bloom except during triples or super doubles, but this week might be an exception. They are doing doubles up to 0.99 this week and while this isn't a GREAT thing, it's not bad either. I checked out their ad and noticed an AMAZING amount of general coupon match-ups this week so while I was looking I decided to make some notes and share what I found. I don't have time to do all the match-ups and there are MANY, MANY of those!!! What I'm doing is giving you a link to all the ones that are printable online. Just click on the link and it should take to to the site where you can print it. ALL of these items are on sale at Bloom this week. Most of these coupons will NOT double because they are $1 coupons. Enjoy!

King's Hawaiian Rolls $1/2
Caribou Coffee $2/1
Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice-this is a manf. coupon, but it has the Target logo on it
Campbell's Soup and Swanson's Broth
Del Monte Canned Veggies $1/4
Heinz Gravy $1/3
Philadelphia Cream Cheese - This one is a manf. coupon but it says "Redeem at Publix"
Freschetta Pizza
Hot Pockets - this is a manf. coupon, but it has a Target logo
Wesson Oil

Remember if you want to find printable coupons online yourself, go to and click on coupon database and look for the links to the printable coupons. This is very helpful for stores like Bloom which are not covered on any websites (at least none that I know of). Also remember all Manf. coupons start with either a 5 or a 9... If the coupon starts with a 5 or 9 it IS a Manf. coupon, however, some may have store logos on them such as Target or Publix. If it has a store logo, another store may say it's NOT a manf. coupon and is a Target or Publix coupon. You could argue the point, but personally, I just let it go. I figure I've saved so much already that it's not worth causing a scene.


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