Thursday, September 24, 2009

Weekly Bloom Deals

Well, once again, Bloom is doing triple coupons!!! Yippeee!! I'm not sure what her source is, but over at Jenny says they are doing triples through Christmas!!! how cool would that be!
Here are some of the deals this week at bloom. If you need to stock your freezer with meat, it seems that Bloom would be the place to go to do that this week and from personal experience, Bloom has GREAT meat!!

Meat Deals
London Broil 1.99/lb
Ground Chuck 1.99/lb
Jumbo Chicken Leg Quarters .89/lb
Boston Butt Pork Roast 1.49/lb

Produce Deals
Fresh Express Salad Mix (Iceburg Garden, Coleslaw, or Shreds) .99
1lb Baby Carrots 1.29
Dole Banannas .69/lb

Other Deals
Knorr Rice and Pasta Sides .98
-1.00/3 8/2RP (makes it .64 each)
Del Monte Canned Vegetables 1.00
-1.00/5 9/20RP (makes it .80 each)
Campbells' V8 Soup 18.3 oz 2.50
-.75/2 9/20SS (makes it 1.37 each)
-1.00/2 September All You Magazine (makes it 2.00 ea)
Ken's Salad Dressing B1G1 (no price listed)
-1.00/1 8/2SS
Dannon Activia Yogurt 2.00
-1.00/1 7/26SS, 8/30SS, 8/9SS (makes it 1.00 each)
CoffeeMate Creamer 16oz 1.66 (I'm not sure if it's the powdered or the liquid,but there was a coupon for both)
-.50/1 6/28RP (makes it .16!!!)

Frozen Food
Birds Eye Lightly Sauced Steamfress Veggies 1.50
-.50/1 9/13SS (makes it FREE after tripling!!!)
Digiorno Frozen Pizzas 5.50
-1.00/1 6/14SS (makes it 4.50)
-1.00/1 Ultimate Toppings variety 8/16SS
-1.00/1 Crispy FlatBread variety 8/25SS

Pet Food (I don't buy Pet food, so I don't know if this is a deal or not, but it's a coupon match anyway)
Beneful Dog Food 15.5 lb bag 15.49
-3.00/1 8/9RP (makes it 12.49)
Friskies Canned Cat food 5.5 oz .45
-1.00/15 6/28SS, 8/9RP (makes it .38 each)

Cleaning/Paper Products
Electrasol Finish Auto. Dishwasher Det 3.97
-.75/1 8/30SS (makes it 1.72 after Tripling)
Scotties 75ct Tissue .99
-.50/3 9/13RP, 8/9RP, 6/7RP (makes it .49 after tripling)
Quilted Northern 6 Dbl Rolls 3.00
-2.00/2 Sept All You magazine (makes it 2.00 each)
Viva 6 Roll Paper Towels 7.47
-.40/1 8/16SS (makes it 6.27 after tripling)

That's about all I see that is a halfway decent deal other than the usual triple deals that are ongoing. The ones I highlighted in red are the best deals I see on the list. Happy Bloom shopping!!!


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