Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Publix Shopping list for this week

Hey everyone. I just got my Publix shopping list together for this week. I used Jenny's list at to compile my personal list.... Here it is... I don't need much but some of this is too good to pass up!!! Some of these deals are b1g1 but since they ring up half price, I'm just listing how much I will actually pay for the item. ALL of these coupons have been in the newspaper in the past few weeks except where noted.

A-1 Steak Sauce 2.09 (I'm buying 2 of this)
-2.00 Q
(makes it .09 each)

Kraft Easy Mac Box 1.74 (I'm buying 2 of this)
-1.00/2 Q
(makes it 1.24 each)

Aunt Jemima Pancakes or French Toast (frozen) 1.34 (I'm buying 6 of these)
-1.00/2 Q
-1.00/1 Q (this one is a PUBLIX store coupon and is found in the "Toss for Cash" booklet that is on display currently at Publix stores-it can be stacked with my manf. Q)
(use both together, and make 0.32 PROFIT from buying 2)

Ritz Crackers 1.74 (I'm buying 2 of these)
-Free Crackerfuls Crackers with purchase of 1 Ritz crackers
-Free Wheat Thins Crackers with purchase of 1 Ritz Crackers
(Just because I'm not sure if you would be allowed to use both coupons on the purchase of only 1 box of ritz crackers or how morally ethical that would be, I plan to buy 2 boxes of Ritz and use both coupons, getting 4 boxes of crackers for 3.48)

London Broil 2.27/lb (I'm buying 2 lbs)

Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color 5.99 (I'm buying 1)
-4.00 off Natural Instincts Hair color (this one MAY have not been in our paper, however, there are a lot of this coupon in the bag of coupons that Donna Howes gave me from the VA newspaper-Ashley Randall has it currently)
-2.00 off any Clairol Hair color (this coupon is a PUBLIX store coupon and it is found in the green advantage flyer-it can be stacked with the manf. coupon)
(makes it .01 PROFIT!!!)

My final total will be 9.71 for everything (16 items total)!!! That is an average of .60 per item! Tell me again why EVERYONE doesn't do this!!!!!


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