Friday, August 28, 2009

My CVS Shopping list for next week-FYI

A lot of you have said that this helps to be able to see exactly how I do things at CVS to maximize my benefits, so since Jenny has the new ad posted for CVS, I decided to tell you all what I plan to buy and what order I'm doing it in. I'm starting out with $3 in extra bucks left over from last week and quite a few coupons that printed on my receipts. (Remember, you can stack those receipt coupons with manufacturer's coupons). If you are interested in where I got any particular Manf. Coupon, just ask me and I'll tell you....

Transaction #1
Glade Soy Candle 6.99
Use 2.00 manf Q
Use 3.00 Extra Buck
OOP (out of pocket) 1.99 and I'll get 6.99 back in Extra Bucks

Transaction #2
Venus Embrace Razor 8.99
Satin Care Shave Gel (I'm completely guessing on the price of this) 3.99
Planters Nuts X2 6.00
Use 2.00 Manf Q off the razor
Use 3.99 Manf. Q off the shave gel (buy razor, get gel free)
Use 1.00 STORE Q off the shave gel
Use 2 $1.00 Q off the nuts
Use 6.99 in Extra Bucks (from Trans #1)
OOP 3.00 get 5.00 in Extra Bucks

Transaction #3
Degree or Dove Deodorant x6  15.00
M&M/Mars Candy Bar .77
Bounce Dryer Bar 3.99
Filler item around  0.24
Use a $4 off a $20 purchase (BE SURE TO USE THIS FIRST, WHILE

Use 6 $1 manf Q off deodorant
Use .77 coupon (FREE chocolate Friday Q)
Use 2.50 manf Q off Bounce
Use 5.00 Extra Bucks
OOP 1.73 and get 6.00 in Extra Bucks

Transaction #4
Tide Stain Release 3.99
Head and Shoulders Shampoo 4.99
Use 1.50 Manf Q on Tide
Use 1.00 Manf Q on Head and Shoulders
Use 6.00 in Extra Bucks from #3
OOP 0.48 and get 2.00 in Extra Bucks

GRAND TOTAL will be roughly $7.20 and I will leave with $2 in Extra Bucks for next week.

Keep in mind that most stores (NOT 24 hour stores) activate their Sunday ad on Sat. night at 6 pm. I go to the store on Butler Rd in Mauldin and they DO activate their ad early. Some of my coupons expire on Saturday, so I will go there and buy my purchases on Sat evening and get the Sunday's sale prices and get my extra bucks.This will hopefully ensure that they will have everything in stock, however, ALWAYS have a back up plan ready just in case something is out of stock. If it IS out of stock, then get a raincheck! When you redeem your raincheck, your extra bucks WILL print, so you won't lose anything by buying it later when they have it back in stock.

Also, remember that in many of the stores, you will find a little "price checker" machine near the front of the store. If you scan your card at that machine, it will print out any register coupons that you are going to get at the register. That way, you already have your coupons in hand BEFORE you get to the register. You never know when you may get a coupon for something you are planning on buying! That is ALWAYS a nice surprise!


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