Tuesday, August 11, 2009

McDonald's coupon info

Hey everyone. I just wanted to give you all a heads up.. There is a link on quite a few of the couponing web sites regarding the McDonalds coupon where if you buy one of the new Angus Burgers you get a FREE medium Fries and a FREE medium drink. This turns out to be a pretty decent deal compared to the regular price of this combo. It winds up being just a little over $4 (I think $4.09 to be exact) for all three items.

Anyway, if you print this coupon, print it on your highest quality setting for your printer. I printed one earlier today and planned to use it at lunch, however I printed it on my "draft" setting for my printer. There is a little box in the lower right corner that should have the word, VALID in it once printed. If that word does not appear in the box (and it won't if you use draft mode), they will not take your coupon. I learned the hard way!

Robbie used a coupon from the newspaper yesterday and said that these new burgers are REALLY good. For him to say they are good, they must be! (He only likes Fuddruckers). Maybe one day I'll get to try one!!! This coupon was also in the "USA Weekend" paper this past Sunday in case you did not look at that paper.


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