Friday, July 24, 2009

Some HOT deals this week-take 2!!

Just wanted to take a minute to tell you all about a couple of great deals this week. ..

First of all, if you've been to Target lately, you may have had a coupon print on the bottom of your receipt for $2 off any purchase of two Dial products (I did on Mon night, I think). Keeping in mind that Publix will match Target coupons, I took mine to Publix where Dial liquid soap and bar soap is on sale for 1.19. I also had a 0.35 mfr. coupon for Dial Soap. This is what I did...

Bought 2 three packs of Dial Soap = 2.38
Used 2 0.35 coupons = -0.70
Used 2.00 Target competitors coupon = -2.00
Publix doubled my mfr coupons = -0.70
Total price paid = Publix paid ME $1.02!

If you got this coupon on your receipt and don't use Dial (like me), I would be glad to take the soap and give it to Greg for his homeless ministry.

Next, Bloom.. And this one does not include any coupons..
If you want a special treat this week, Bloom has Sirloin Steaks for 3.98 a pound. I went last night and got 2 GIGANTIC steaks for $9 and some change. We all 4 ate off of the 2 steaks and had some left. They were delicious. I know this is not a real cheap deal, but for a special treat, it's a GREAT deal.

Also, if you go to the Southern Savers web site and look under "publix" there are quite a few Target and Food Lion coupons floating around that pair nicely with some Publix deals (their will be a FL beside the coupon link I believe and the Target coupons are printable at -just click on the target coupons link). There is one for Food Lion that is $2 off any produce purchase of $5 or more. There is a LOT of produce deals at Publix this week. Another good match up is Frosted Mini Wheats cereal. I was given some $1 off coupons for Frosted Mini Wheats that came from a mailer from There is also a Food Lion coupon for 1.00 off any Kellogg's cereal. Pair those 2 together and you'll get your cereal for less than 0.20 a box!!!! It's BOGO this week at Publix!
Remember that at Publix you can use one mfr coupon AND one competitor coupon on the same item! If you are not sure if it's a mfr coupon or a competitor coupon, look for this...

If it has a barcode on it that starts with either a 5 or a 9, then it is a mfr coupon and can be used ANYWHERE that takes coupons. If it does not have a barcode or if the barcode starts with something other than 5 or 9, it is a store coupon or a competitor coupon. Please remember that Publix loses money every time you redeem a competitor coupon, so PLEASE only use 1 coupon for each different item. Don't ask Publix to take a coupon that the store it came from would not take (even though they probably would).

If you have not RSVP'd for my coupon workshop, please send me an email at to let me know if you will be there or not. It's Next Saturday (8 days away) and I need to have a final count so I'll know how many hand-outs to have done. Thanks!


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