Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This week at Bilo, Publix, and Bloom

Well, while I sat in the school line, I took a quick look at my SOAKED Bilo, Bloom, and Publix ads.. They were SOAKED but still readable and I was NOT going to be defeated. Pam had already told me that this was the week for chocolate and she wasn't kidding, so if you need a chocolate fix-this is your week. Also if you are into lobster and steak it's a pretty good week for that.. Let me ask just one thing though... If it's supposed to be for mother's day then who EXACTLY is going to cook it for mother?? My husband wouldn't know which end was up when it comes to lobster and frankly, neither would I... BUT anyway.. On to the deals!

I found the most deals at Bilo...
$$Oscar Myer hot dogs are B1G1 again this week and remember, you don't have to buy 2. If you just buy one they are half price and will be around 1.65 each.
$$ Cinnamon Toast Cruch Cereal is 1.99 and after you use a printable coupon for .55 and Bilo doubles it, it winds up being .89 per box
$$Vitamin Water(which Alyssa really likes) is on sale for 1.00 for the 20 oz bottle and at Publix attached to their cooler, you will find .50 coupons that (after being doubled) will make it FREE!
$$Their meal deal is also pretty good this week, but unfortunatly, I don't have any coupons for any of the stuff.. STill a good deal though

On to Publix...
$$Snuggle Fabric Softener is 2.99 for the 32 oz size. Right near the Snuggle, there is a coupon dispenser with 1.00 coupons, which will make it 1.99
$$Jello 6 paks of already made Jello is 3/6 and after a 1.00 that was in the paper on Sunday, it winds up being 1.00 per pack.
$$ There is a Gorton's Shrimp coupon that is about to expire that is for 1.00 off. The gorton's shrimp is B1G1 so if you want to use that coupon, this is the week for it!

As for Bloom-I didn't find much. If anyone noticed anything I missed let me know.. I'm holding out for triple coupons which will most likely be in the next week or two. Hang onto those .75 coupons!! They make LOTS of stuff FREE!!!

Have a wonderful evening!


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