Friday, May 8, 2009

my Publix Deals

WOW!! I just left Publix with some GREAT deals!!!

$$I got 3 bottles of Snuggle Fabric Softener (the ONLY brand I'll use) at 1.99 per bottle
$$ I got 4 boxes/bags of Gorton's frozen shrimp which is usually 7.49 per bag/box for 2.75 per bag/box!! (the coupons expired today and I got most of them from the exchange folder at church) We had shrimp for lunch and it was YUMMY!
$$Jello brand refrigerated jello cups for 1.00 with coupon
$$ Baby Cut Carrots for .85 (it's b1g1)
$$Electrasol Power Ball dishwasher tabs for 1.40 and I found a bonus box with 8 free tabs in it.
$$And my BEST deal!!! I got 3 of the 35 count Chinet dessert plates FREE! They were 2/$4 (only through TODAY) and I had 6 $2 coupons thanks to the church's exchange folder!!! I only used 3 of my coupons and I'm going to the other publix to try and find 3 of the larger plates.

All together, I spent 21.33 and I SAVED, 44.15!!! Not bad for about 15 minutes of my time! Moral of this story?? Take advantage of the church's coupon exchange folder!! It will save you some money! I just added a ton of coupons on Wednesday night and I have more to add the next time I'm at church. Thanks to those of you who are giving me your extra coupons! Spread the word around at church!


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