Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Best deals for this week

Hello everyone! Well, after 2 days of no computer, mine is finally back up. Here is what I found this week. Keep in mind, if it's at Bilo or Publix, today is the last day to get the deal. The new ad comes out tomorrow!

$$Margaret Holmes Canned veggies are on sale for 1.00 each and after Bilo doubles your .35 coupon (in the paper this past Sunday) they will be .30 each.
$$ Mentos fruit gum is B1G1 and with the coupons in this past Sundays paper, you will make money by buying them. (Great time to say "YES" to the kids at the checkout!!!)
$$A-1 Marinades are 2.50 and after the 2.00 coupon they will be .50
$$Ronzoni Bistro Sides are 2.00 and after the coupon they will be 1.00 each
$$On the Southern Savers blog it says that French's Worcestershire sauce is b1g1 but I can't find it in either the ad or the bonus saver magazine, HOWEVER if it is on sale b1g1, it will be free after the coupon.

$$ A gallon of milk is 2.48!!!!!! GREAT price!
$$McCormick Grill mates seasoning is 1.50 and after your .50 coupon is doubled, you will pay .50
$$French's 20 oz mustard is 1.50 and after your coupon is doubled, it will be .50
$$THE BEST DEAL ANYWHERE is this... Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs are on sale B1G1 and that will make them 1.49. After your 1.00 off 2 coupon, they will be .99!!!!! That is an amazing deal for "good" hot dogs!!!

$$ Steuffers' Family size Entrees are on sale again for 3.99. This is a GREAT deal. They are usually $6-$8 each no matter where you go.

As far as CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid... I only found a very few deals for me this week...

$$ Crest Pro-Health Enamel Shield Rinse is on sale for 3.49. Use your 1.00 coupon from a few weeks back to make it 2.49. Get $2 in Extra Bucks and that brings it to .49! Not bad for normally $5-$6 mouthwash!

$$ think AWANA party!!! Marti asked for 12 packs of drinks. They are 5/$12 after the coupon on the front of the Walgreens ad... That is 2.40 each and a pretty good deal for 12 packs. 4 for you and 1 for the party!

Rite Aid
$$ Well, if you'd like to go visit them, be my guest but I did not find anything that interested me this week at Rite Aid.

That's about it! Remember, if any of you have an extra coupon for Oscar Myer Hot Dogs, please get it to Marti or me BEFORE thursday so that we can purchase the hot dogs for the Awana party. By the way, you can print this coupon at www.coupons.com --- There are some GREAT coupons on there this time!! I can't wait to get ink for my printer!!!


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